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Westlake Financial Services

About Westlake Financial Services

Westlake Financial Services could be a technology-based, privately-held non-depository financial institution that focuses on the acquisition and service of prime to subprime automotive retail installment contracts. Headquartered in Southern Golden State.

Westlake finances contracts through a network of over fifty, 000 new and used automotive dealerships throughout the us. Our mission is to be the foremost revered monetary service company, loved for the product and services we offer to all or any our customers and partners.

PURPOSE Westlake Financial Services

Our purpose is to supply first service to our customers, dealers, and partners, whereas promoting dynamic growth based on solid monetary stability.

PEOPLE Westlake Financial Services

Our individuals are our most vital quality. we tend to respect every other’s distinctive contributions to the team, we tend to promote integrity all told our actions, and that we encourage our associates to seize each chance for private excellence and success.


We've got a passion to be the most effective at what we tend to do and that we thrive on innovation and therefore the challenges of amendment.

Quick Facts

Westlake presently has quite one,200 workers. with 1,000 placed at the l. a. company headquarters. Over four hundred Dealer Account Managers all told fifty States. Over $3.0 Billion in Total Managed Assets. Formed in August of 1988. Westlake Financial services arm of the piece of cloth cluster of firms. Los Angeles-based with possession interest during a range of automotive-industry connected firms. Hankey Group is a privately held American company, based in Los Angeles, California, United States. It was founded in 1972 by Don Hankey, now a billionaire.

Who is the chairman and chief executive officer (CEO). His son Bret Hankey is the president and a director. And Amit Shah is the chief operating officer. 2013, it employed over 1900 people and had seven subsidiaries. 2014, it had 2,000 employees and $4 billion in assets. 2017, Hankey Group was acquired by Grusd Investments. LLC for an undisclosed sum of money. Don Hankey founded six of the group's companies. and purchased the seventh in 1988.

Most of its income derives from Westlake Financial Services. A subprime car loans company. In 2013, they worked with 15,000 car dealers and funded $1.3 billion in purchase contracts. Hankey Group also owns Knight Insurance Co. the car-lending software developer Nowcom and Midway Car Rental. Hankey Investment Co. and has majority control of the Toyota of North Hollywood dealership.

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